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A Created Life - Trailer
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A created life is a feature length documentary about one woman's journey from childhood

trauma to a life free from the past.  


Written, Produced, A.D. by 

Coreen Zalot

Directed - Filmed - Edited

Douglas Proce



Watched A Created Life from beginning to end and was hooked the entire time. So much information on the different healing processes. There is a moment in the film where Coreen enters the home of her attacker 30 years after he raped and beat her. It made me so uncomfortable. That scene alone is worth it's weight in gold. This film is a great example of why quality content will always be king and a good indie filmmaker will always be a contender. Congratulations to Coreen and her team. You've made a great contribution to the world with A Created Life.~

Romany Malco 

If vulnerability is courage, and it is, this is one of the most courageous movies you will ever see. The undertones of heartfelt care for the viewer abounds in this tale of conflict and triumph over the past. Getting raped isn't easy to talk about, getting nearly murdered isn't either. Forgiving the guy who did it is damn near impossible for many and sharing the whole story, authentically, openly and shamelessly is only an act of love drawing people with a similar past into a place of love, connection, and belonging.

This is a beautiful story, Coreen, not from the pain of your experience but for the butterfly you've evolved into and the powerful way you bring others with you. Thank you for sharing this.~ Michael G. 

An absolutely incredibly powerful movie. I haven't had feelings like Coreen brought up in years but there they were. She is an amazing and brave woman for choosing forgiveness to move on, heal, and find a better way to live her life rather than hold it in. She is more than a survivor. The experts explaining what happens to the body during trauma and how positive healing and energy through forgiveness can move you towards a better life  brings the facts at hand that this is beyond just a personal empowerment documentary. It helps bring home that, even for your physical well being alone, you must find a positive way to move on and be part of a peaceful, inner, created life. ~ 

Upcoming Events

    Fri, Feb 07
    "A Created Life, a journey to empowerment" is an *OFFICIAL SELECTION* & will be screened at the Worldwide Women's Film Festival in February 2020.
    Sun, Dec 01
    United States
    We are so excited to share, the film is AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE on the web sites for AMAZON, WAL-MART, BEST BUY, BARNES AND NOBLE.
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